NWT Juniors Up in Canada Rankings

Friday, March 29, 2019

Six of the NWT Juniors are now ranked in their respective divisions in Canada.

For the boys, Stephen Messier holds strong at 36th in U19 and Nathan Cluff breaks through at 54 in U17. Overall rankings have Stephen at 70th in Canada, Ethan Milkowski at 169th, Nathan at 178th and Colton Robertson at 195th.

On the girl's side, four of the High Performance juniors have broken into the top rankings for their division. India Edwards-Loewen ranks the highest at 24th in U17, Raph Poulin, Simone Hipfner and Olivia Talen follow up in the same division at 28, 32 and 34 respectively. Overall in Canada, India is ranked 81, Raph 91, Simone 107 and Olivia 123. This may be the first time that four female squash athletes have been ranked at the same time!

Congratulations to all of juniors who have been working very hard at their game this year in preparation for Canada Winter Games.

Six of these juniors will be competing next at the 2019 Canadian Junior Championships that takes place from April 11 to the 14th.

All of these juniors train and play out of The Racquet Club in Yellowknife.