NWT Squash

NWT Squash Racquets Association (NWT Squash):

  • is a non-profit Sport Governing Body which is operated by an elected volunteer Board of Directors;
  • funding is obtained through MACA (Municipal and Community Affairs, a department of the Government of the NWT), other sponsorships and fundraising programs;
  • sanctions tournaments for competitive play;
  • offers programs for recreational players.

Benefits of being an individual member:

  • eligible to play in all NWTSRA sanctioned tournaments;
  • inclusion in NWT ranking system;
  • eligible to be considered for selection to Men's and Women's NWT teams.

How to become a member:

At this time, NWT Squash does not actively ask players to become a paying member. If you are a member at one of the three clubs in the NWT and participate in organized tournaments and other squash related events at one, or more of those centres, you are considered as being a member of NWT Squash.