Our Mission and Vision


To develop and expand the participation of athletes of all ages in the game of Squash by organizing a diverse selection of programs, and activities to suit current and potential members.


To expand the game of squash in as many northern communities as possible and to make squash available to any youth who wishes to participate.


Service to the members

  • We must always remember that the Association exists for its members, and strive to meet their needs and expectations.

Respect for our people

  • To treat one another with respect because we value and appreciate everybody’s efforts in executing our mission.

Integrity in everything we do

  • As a Sport Association, our reputation and credibility depend on our absolute integrity.


  • To assist in the improvement in squash play with particular emphasis on programs related to junior squash development.
  • To select and assist players to participate in squash racquets competition.
  • To supervise, promote and sanction the holding of tournaments and events in the game of squash racquets in the NWT.
  • To develop and train coaches.
  • To develop and train officials.
  • To promote and recognize sportsmanship and fair play.